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Infidelity, Cheating Spouses Partners, Extramarital Affair, Divorce Investigation
Suspicions of Infidelity or Extramarital Affair? Could your spouse be cheating on you? Let Vancouver Private Investigator gather solid evidence before you decide to proceed with any course of action.
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Relationship Investigations
Does your lover have a secret past? Before you become involved with a person, you may decide to conduct a pre-relationship investigation for the purpose of looking into the background of the person with whom you share romantic interests or plan to marry. Isn't it important that you know if they are really who they say they are.
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Surveillance Specialist
Vancouver Private Investigator has long been established as Surveillance Specialists. We have the equipment and techniques to establish and complete the most difficult surveillance situations. We make sure every employee in this department is fully equip with the latest in camera equipment. 

Skip Tracing
If you need services dealing with locating residential addresses, employment addresses, debtors, securities and fixed or liquid assets Vancouver Private Investigator can provide the quickest results.

Missing Persons, People Locate
Vancouver Private Investigator strives to bring you the ultimate in tracing intelligence by teaming up with all available resources. Using various techniques and working with other investigators we strive to produce the very quickest and most economical results. Depending on the and facts provided, some cases can be solved within a few hours.

Teen Surveillance
We will provide you with your child's day to day routine and inform you of any activities which may be of concern to you. With the use of GPS, we are able to pin point location along with driving speeds between each location.

Vancouver Accident Investigation
Have you been in a car accident in which you feel you were unfairly treated? Do you need a member of our Vancouver detective team to provide important details about your accident? We have experts that can provide you the investigative results your particular situation requires.

Process Serving
Our private investigators also handle process service all around the country. This includes notice of claim, garnishee, subpoenas, divorce petitions, accident claims and summons. We have over 3 decades of process serving serving using every trick of the trade including some we designed ourselves.
When you need someone served let the experts at Vancouver Private Investigator handle this process!

Due Diligence
Our managing directors at Vancouver Private Investigator have handled 600+ due diligence matters covering a broad range of industries all around Canada. Our well trained staff have the experience to quickly identify the warning flags in a transaction. The ability to make quick accurate judgment in assessing the importance of information as it becomes available, makes our service #1 with clients. 
At Vancouver Private Investigator we also recognize that no deals are identical, either in size or complexity. We provide the appropriate level of due diligence necessary at a cost that makes sense for each individual assignment.

Background Checks
Background checks are very important in every long term human investment. Coogan Tracking Ltd. are qualified and deliver quick results in the following areas:
Full criminal records check
Education check
Employment check
Criminal Record Check
History check
Asset Verification

Title and Name Searches
Do you need a quick reasonably priced title search? Our experts offer the best value in the areas of name changes, title searching and looking for all variations on company title.

Bank Account Information
Our Investigation team also handles bank account information. This would include finding account numbers and information. Additionally we can provide you with all banking activity from a certain account.

Personal Protection (Body Guard Service)
Do you have a special guest coming to town? We have the latest techniques and skills to assure that your or your guest are fully protected by the public.

Computer Forensics
Want to know what your home or work computer is being used for? Is your staff working when you aren't watching? At our Computer Forensics department have the skills to log all future activity on any home computer which includes a diary of every keystroke and passwords typed. This also has a list of all websites viewed and for how long.

Computer Erasing, Recovery
When you erase your computer of personal information is the information gone? No.
We also offer the service of permanently erasing computers hard drives so that you don't leave a trail of personal or business information. We can also track down all information that has been lost or erased at a previous date.

Electronic Counter Measures, Debugging
Detecting phone taps and bugging devices in your home, your vehicle, or in your business is one of our popular services. Our investigators use the latest countermeasure techniques and equipment. If you feel you are being eavesdropped on then our countermeasures department can help.

Nanny Cams
Covert equipment to record the people you trust with your precious child.

GPS Tracking
We can track any vehicle, child or animal to within six feet in North America.

Loss Prevention, Secret Shopper
Is your company plagued by loss? Our loss prevention department has investigators with great experience in undercover secret shopper situations. Our undercover techniques have been very successful for many of our clients. Let us help your company prevent further losses.

Arson Investigation
Unfortunately many fires are the work of human arsons. use the extensive training to find out if you asset was the result of arson and if there are any clues associated with how it was started.

Miscellaneous Undercover Operations
Need a private investigator to help you in a certain undercover task. With our wide range of services and our enormous resources, we can handle just about anything


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